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Sunday, April 11, 2010

iphone Wristlet Purse

Since buying a little key fob wristlet from,
I have decided I need one that can carry my iphone too.
I love the ones by Vera Bradley too.  I will probably buy one of those pretty soon.
But for now I made this one:
It justs hold the iphone around your wrist.
I designed it so that it could be taken out very easily when the phone rings.
There is an elastic piece that comes across the opening that is sewn in.
So to take the phone out you just stretch the elastic piece out and pull out the phone.
Since the purse will be on my wrist and probably will be swinging around, the phone will not be able to slip out and break on the ground.
I also added a little pocket on the side.
Next I want to make another one, and add a lanyard to it for wearing like a cross body purse.

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