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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New applique samples

Here are some applique samples I have done that are for sale now on the site.
I'm still working on a bigger inventory of shirts, however, so send me one to applique if you really need one and i don't have it.

Fuschia dot fabric with purple trim.

 This cupcake was done out of some chiffon trim I found at Hobby Lobby.

Here are some I have not gotten onto the site yet:

This was inspired by Gymboree's Popsicle Party line.


Melissa @ The Littlest Lobo said...

Love, love, love the cupcake with chiffon topping!!! Naturally, I love the crawfish, too!

Jamee said...

those are darling- i wish i could figure out my sewing machine i know it can do this- planning to take a class this summer because i love those appliques!!