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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lava Bloom Blouse - A Michael Miller fabric

2 week project - I kept having to stop and start with customer orders in between...
Handmade blouse in a lovely "Lava Bloom" fabric by Michael Miller.

This is a 4T, sewn with 1/4 in. seam allowances rather than the 5/8 in the directions. She is 4 so I was scared it wouldn't fit after I cut it out and looked at it.  But it does!  I never make a muslin of something first - I guess that I should. Does everybody else do that?

I used a McCall's M5794.
I have made the top and the pants before and they are both great.
About this style:
There is an elastic casing around the bodice.  The neck opening is wide enough for their head to slip into. So because it is a woven fabric and doesn't stretch, this pattern really works as a blouse with no button placket.    That yellow piece shown on the pattern picture is an additional tank top made with this pattern.  I did not make one.  We will just wear a shirt we already own underneath.

I was really afraid it was going to look like scrubs when it was all finished.  Because actually that is what my husband said it looked like!  Bless him for being so honest.  But this is just one of those garments that don't look cute on the hanger, but look much better on a person.  I think it was because of the green fabric with the pink bias tape around the neck opening.  Scrub-like.
But actually I really like it and I would make it again.


Melissa @ The Littlest Lobo said...

Oh Susan, I just love this blouse! It is so cute & stylish. And of course the mm fabric is beautiful!

Jamee said...

that turned out great- i am right there with you on my sewing addiction- my house is a shamble because of it. i will have to look for that pattern- check out my blog-we seem to have the same interests!! i am a follower now