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Friday, November 5, 2010

"Paint" on your computer is more useful than I knew

Who knew that "Paint" on your computer was so useful? 
For a PC user, Paint is on your Programs list under Accessories. 
It can be used for a ton of things I'm sure.  I only know a few tricks.

The latest one is the Print Screen key on your keyboard.  Did you know that you can capture the screen on your desktop and save it in Paint?  Then you can crop what you want to save and use for something else.
All you do to save a screen is hold down the Control key and press the prt scr key.
Then you open up Paint, go to Edit, then choose Paste.  Voila!  There it is. 
From there you can crop it using the crop tool on top with the little square symbol. 
To save the cropped area you just go to Edit and then "Copy to".  Choose where you want to put it in a file and there you have it.  It will be saved in a bitmap BMP format.  If you need it to be  a JPEG you can instead go to File, and choose Save As, and choose file type JPEG. 

As a person in the embroidery business this has been very useful.  I can now capture embroidery designs made from my embroidery software to show clients how their design will look before I stitch it out.  Otherwise there was no other way of doing this.
For instance, the above is an embroidery font I created with my Magnificent Monograms software through my PED Basic card writing unit. 

Hope this helps for anyone who needs to do this. 

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