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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trash needs style too!

In recognition of fall, I decided to make my new key chain and trash holder for my car out of my fave fall fabric!

I have been in need of a different key chain and I also saw an auto trash bag holder on this website that I just loved!

But since I can make one up myself I did.  It has been on my mind for several weeks and finally had a small block of time to finish it.

I plan to do a Christmas one and one for Spring after that.

Here is mine:
Keep in mind FALL - that is why I chose this fabric. 

and the key chain:
I just love this type of keychain.  It is a wristlet style which is GREAT for wearing around your wrist when you don't have your purse with you.
It's also great for when you are loading your groceries into the car and need your keys outside of your purse so you don't have to go digging around in there to find them again.

It's a corduroy fabric I got from Joann's with a chocolate brown background, although it looks a little eggplant in this picture. I had made something out of it already here.
For the key chain I ordered the hardware from J. Caroline.  .80 cents each.
So you cut out the fabric and fold it over with the seam one one edge of keychain.  You fold under the edges to meet and sew a line of stitching along one end, then down the other end.  Just make sure you fold it so that it will fit exactly the width of the key fob hardware.
Here's what I did: First I used some stiff iron-on interfacing on the wrong side of fabric.  Then I used a layer of low-loft batting on top of that.  Then you just fold over and fold in the edges and iron, pin together and stitch.
For the trash bag holder I used some iron-on vinyl for the inside lining.
I wanted it for shape most of all and also in case some sticky stuff got inside the bag and I could then just wipe it out.
You just follow the instructions on the package, ironing on the vinyl to the wrong side of fabric before sewing together.  I put a piece of clear tape under my presser foot so that it would glide along smoother.
I made some straps out of the leftover fabric because I could not find anything else I had that looked good with it. I wanted to use twine but couldn't locate it.

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