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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Haunted house applique tween shirt

I have a 9 yr. old who understandably does not want to wear anymore appliqued shirts.  However, she did see this haunted house design I could do and wanted it on her black shirt.  
I think it turned out super cute!  It took me forevah to stitch out but worth it nonetheless.

By the way we have some new shirts in to the shop:
blank ruffle tees in white or in red.

You could do some appliques or monograms on them.
These are all posted on the site.  Appliques.
If it's not there just use the contact form and we can get it for you.

We have a few of these brown dress sets left.  They are so cute with a monogram!
Brown Empire Dress Set with leggings.  $20
For $20 you can afford to have a cute little seasonal outfit monogrammed.
The monogram costs a little more extra but it's worth it!

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