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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How cute is your child's dance bag?

A neighbor of mine asked if I could make her 3 yr. old a tote bag to use for dance class.
She needed it big enough to fit shoes.
Her daughter also requested it be blue so that is why she needed a custom made bag.

So here is what I did:
It's blue inside and out, has some batting in between layers for a soft & cushy feel,  some short handles with ribbon on top, and of course, a monogram!

What is your favorite type of tote for your child's dance class?

Here is one of my favorites - a baton carrying case for my daughter's first baton class.

They were like $25 to order from the teacher so I decided to make our own.

It matches the glitter tape on her baton.
It is made out of blue shimmery vinyl purchased at Joann Fabric, some nylon webbing for straps, a blue zipper, and some plaid seersucker lining.

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