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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sewed an Exact Copy of My Daughter's Anita G Blouse!

SO so so proud of myself today.
I got ready to sew a knit top for my daughter out of this awesome zig zag patterned fabric from the Fabric Fairy.
I ordered it back in the Fall.
Yeah, just now getting to it.
Anyway, I had this neat pattern from Burda that I was going to use.  I lay it all out and discover that, duh!, I need wayyy more fabric than the one yard that I had.  Just for a girls size 10 top.
So that did it!  I had been wanting to copy a top she already has from Girlfriends by Anita G forever.  I got it at market in Atlanta and it is by far our favorite top ever!
It is babydoll style with elastic at the end of the sleeves.  So cute!

Here's our version:
Not too shabby!


I have to admit that it does have a few flaws.  I didn't do a "right" and "left" sleeve.  So one sleeve's seam is on the top and one sleeve's seam is on the underside.  Oh well!
And the seam across the gathered part in the front could have matched up with the pattern a little better. 
But I'm just so happy I figured it out.
Now I have a pattern made for a size 8.  I'll be making one or two more before the cold is over, I hope.

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