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Monday, November 2, 2009

Handmade peasant dress

LOVE this new top I whipped together for Katie yesterday!
Okay, it took me a long part of the day.  Got sidetracked looking at everyone's Halloween blogs.
(A girls' sewing machine should NOT be situated next to the PC.)
Anyway, it's made from this cute black 21 wale cord fabric with green and red apples.
It's a peasant dress with ruffle hem.
It's a modified Simplicity's Sewing Pattern for Dummies #4206. Pattern was on sale last week for $1.99 at Hobby Lobby.
I added lots of length to it because it was a pattern for a top only.
Then I did a 3 inch ruffle at the bottom.  So for a size 6 the total length from shoulder to before ruffle is 19 in.
I only had 1 yd. of fabric so had to do the ruffle with the straight of grain going vertical.
It still looks cute though.  She has on short red leggings underneath and a shirt from Old Navy.
It was kind of chilly this morning so had to go with an undershirt.
Click for larger view:


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