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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Owner's Kids Previously Worn Items

I have been working super hard last week on collecting up my consignment items for Kids Market, etc.
That wears me out big time!  The clothes I can handle, but the toys are tough!  Packaging them up right is always a huge effort.
So once I get that done and get them out to the sale I can work on the items I saved for my own sale.
I put at least 18 items up.  Some are just Walmart tees I appliqued for Katie to go to preschool and play in.  Others are some stuff from Mini Boden, Baby Nay, Flapdoodles, Painting Red Rhinos, Mary James, Funtasia etc.
There are some good buys to be had if you don't mind paying $3 for shipping.  
What's even a better deal is if you are already ordering something new and see a pre-owned item you could use.  That way you were already paying for most of the shipping on a new item.
The item above is from Funtasia, it is brand new with the tags, and is super cute in a 24 months size.

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