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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

If you love appliques and a bargain you will love these clothes!

Boutique clothing is so fun to buy, but sometimes so expensive to fit into your budget.

That's why I love clothing from Royal Child this fall 2011.

They sent me the cutest reversible clothing this year.   Of course, back in April I sat down with them and ordered it all.  I hope you will agree how cute and practical these reversible outfits are.

Appliqued children's clothing is great if it can be two outfits in one.  They are for boys and girls and come in chocolates, ginghams, corduroys, purples, Saints, carousel horses, fleur-de-lis, birthday gifts, cupcakes, fall leaves, mallard duck, and more.

 From football (maybe LSU) to New Orleans Saints


 From giraffe to mallard duck applique
From cupcake applique dress to fall leaves...

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