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Monday, February 14, 2011

Minky Dot Hoodie - made by me this morning!

Since Spring Break is near I was wanting to make a fun color jacket for my girls. We will be going to the beach and maybe to Disney one day and might need this.

I had lots of lime green minky dot fabric.  This hoodie takes a lot of fabric!

I used a hoodie my daughter had from Old Navy as a guide.  Then I peeked at a Simplicity pattern for instructions. I love using another piece of clothing they have as a pattern.  It makes me so much more confident as I am constructing it that it is going to have the proper fit.  And it did!

I was bummed I couldn't get a separating zipper that was lime green.  They had lots of plain zippers lime green but not separating. I made the off-white one work as best as I could.  18" plastic teeth zippers only come in the most basic colors: red, white, black, forest green, royal blue, and off-white.  Who knew?  So proud of this - my first jacket attempt ever!  Tried to cover up the zipper as much as possible.

She has worn it all day long.

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