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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Minky dot madness

These little minky dot pillow covers are getting ordered more and more.
I love putting these together. 
This set turned out so cute.  Someone ordered these for a baby shower. 
I would love to get these for a baby gift....

This is the standard size case $18.  With monogram it is $25.  This customer ordered a green case with pink thread, and a pink case with green thread.  She chose the "Kids" font. 

They come with tags on them, so they can be properly given as gifts...

Here are my two girls as we get ready to check in to fly to my mother's.  They have their pillows with them (and I am actually holding the other one's). Lots of people admired their pillows!  I am taking one all for myself next time for sure.  I was always trying to sneak theirs just to hold in my lap.
Now my husband has requested a "camoflauge" one.  If I can find that pattern in this soft fabric he will SO have one too.

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Jamee said...

those are adorable i know i would love to rest my head on those soft pillowcases