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Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Year's Craft Crazy Weekend with my BFF - Part 1



New Year's and crafting - what better way to start off the year?
My friend Melissa and her son Camden came down from Huntsville armed with craft ideas and supplies!  I was so glad to see them.  She is from The Littlest Lobo blogspot. We both love crafts but sort of are skilled in different areas.  So we wanted to share our ideas and skills to make different things....

Our Craft To-Do List:
1.  Giant Swirly-Colored Crayons for my girls Katie and Sara
2.  Items for Camden made from fabric finds at Hobby Lobby
3,  Monogram items we can find of Camden's that could use it with my embroidery machine.
4.  A Laptop Cozy for Melissa's new Macbook
5.  Knit ruffly scarves for Melissa and me

We decided to make the crayons the first night while we visited and caught up with each other.  That was a fun night and Melissa's blog is in more detail about it.  We introduced Camden to Zhu Zhu pets which was a hilarious thing.  There are 3 posts starting with "Hanging with the Brunos" and then "Attack of the Zhu Zhu Rats", etc.

We first began by peeling off the crayon papers of 2 giant boxes of crayon from the Dollar Tree.  That kept the girls busy for awhile!  The crayons were then broken up and thoughtfully placed in each shape of the muffin form that Melissa brought.  They were Christmas shapes made of that flexible baking form that you can bend and pop out the muffins.  The name of that thing escapes me at the moment.

They turned out great!  They are a little big to color with, but fun to do anyway.

2.  Stuff for Camden from fabric Melissa found at Hobby Lobby:

Melissa sewed a pair of pants for the first time on my awesome sewing machine.
She did a great job!

We found this applique design on SWAK or was it Embroidery Boutique, and it turned out really cute!
We had more fabric so decided to make a reversible bib too.  Cam drools a lot!

That concludes Part 1 of our craft weekend.  Stay tuned for much more!

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Sew Like Nobody's Watching said...

Your outfit is cute! I love the crayons! I think we might give this a go!