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Monday, October 26, 2009

A Coconut Adventure

When the pumpkin carving is over...

 (The topic of FAMILY FUN...
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My dad opened lots of  'em during his tours in Vietnam while serving in the military.
He also enjoyed opening coconuts with us for a family project at home.
My brother and I took delight in getting shown how it was done.  We liked eating it too.
We figured it would be fun to do with my little girls.
We got out all the necessary tools:
a hammer
a towel
a nail
and a jar to catch the coconut milk

I have this all on video but  it's too time consuming to view!

I won't go over each of the steps but you can read how at How To Open A Coconut

The girls did taste the coconut milk as it was poured out of its shell.
They were not so sure about it's clear color and weak taste.
But at least they tried it.

They ate the meat and enjoyed that.
So did I.  Reminded me of sitting on a tropical island, sipping a pina colada.
I'd say that was a worthwhile little adventure we took right on my dad's front porch!
You should try it!
Now you may be wondering, is a coconut a fruit or a nut???
That is the question for which I do not have the answer.

I am going to attempt making homemade antiperspirant with coconut oil as one of the ingredients.
Wish me luck!

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Bacolod and Beyond said...

Oh they're cute, it's a different adventure. Sounds interesting...

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a great thing to share with your family!

AMH615 said...

That is so cool! Something I've never done! Let us know how the antiperspirant turns out! We enjoy football and hiking in the fall, that's what my blog hop post is about:

AMH615 said...

Opps... I posted the wrong link! My blog hop link is at -- Sorry!!